Mother of Eleven Children



About Allyson


The Power of an Unrealized Dream—A Harvard Education

After raising her 11 children, running her own business, and graduating from Harvard, Allyson dedicated herself to bringing her life-changing message to conferences around the world. As a keynote speaker, she inspires her audiences to break through the boundaries that limit them, and design a fulfilling future. Let Allyson help you move from yesterday's regrets to tomorrow's victories.


Allyson’s 11 Children

Allyson is the biological mother to 11 beautiful children, with 9 daughters and 2 sons. She believes every child has unique gifts, and made it a priority to inspire her kids to discover their talents, and pursue them with excellence. Allyson (A-ma) has 8 wonderful grandchildren!


Training Olympic Hopefuls

As an award-winning professional gymnastics coach, Allyson has spent the last 20 years motivating and mentoring children in her community. She has produced hundreds of state, national and world champions. She believes in investing in the next generation, and teaching them that faith—plus a strong work ethic—equals success!


Inspiring Children in Africa


What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing your brightest future? Allyson‘s presentation is founded on years of experience, good and bad. She can help you get “unstuck” and, step by step, execute your new beginning!  

Vice President Mike Pence and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin


In May of 2016, Allyson graduated from Harvard with a Masters in International Relations, and a Focus in US Space Policy. Her award-winning Harvard thesis has been published repeatedly, and influenced NASA’s return to the Moon. In 2014, she attended the NASA sponsored International Space University.  Allyson advocates in Washington DC for human spaceflight and exploration. 

Encouraging Audiences Worldwide


Allyson has been an international keynote speaker at TEDx Conferences. She has been featured on the NBC Today Show, ABC, CBS, FOX, and countless magazines, radio shows, and newspapers worldwide.  

Allyson speaks to audiences all over the world inspiring them to accomplish more—and to live life with no regrets 

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